A Dog’s Tail

A dog’s tail…. Designing a home is an act of love and our team take it seriously.

The Green Earth Homes’ team is very careful to ensure that we create homes that are perfect for your family and functional.

Take the little dog tails at our display home in Pelican Waters.

When designing this home we were thinking about how a kitchen is used and who uses it. After school, during a busy week, the kids school bags end up on the floor around the island bench or on the floor of their bedroom. You are always tripping over them and they always seem to get in the way.

To eliminate this clutter, we designed a ‘kids nook’ in the butler’s pantry where they could put their bags and make notes for the following day on the black board.

This is a great little idea that is fun for the kids and practical for you.

Our team is very keen to learn how you live in your home when we start designing – we design homes from the heart.

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