Ageing in Place

Ageing in place is the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely and independently.  Regardless of age, income, or ability level, you should be able to feel comfortable in your place of residence.

We have many clients embarking on the building process that have quipped “this is our LAST house! “No more moving, no more packing boxes, this is it”. We understand.  Some of our clients have moved so many times they are truly wanting to stay in one place for the rest of their lives.

‘Ageing in place’  means that we are going to create a home that seamlessly integrates design strategies to ensure you will be comfortable in your home for years to come.   We want you to keep enjoying your home and your Sunshine Coast lifestyle for as long as possible.  Your needs are going to change as you age and we can help ensure that your home is equipped without expensive adaptations or renovations in the latter years.

At Green Earth Homes, we have many tips and tricks to assist with designing a home that you’ll be able to effortlessly age into.   When you first meet with us to discuss your needs, please feel comfortable discussing any health issues that you may currently experience, or believe you will face as the years progress.  We can assist you.  Our strategies don’t mean designing a home that will appear as it’s been designed for a person with limited abilities.  It will look like every other person’s home yet will be more comfortable for you, the end user.

If you think that this is a path that you want to consider for your home, please discuss your ideas with your building consultant when you meet with them.

Whether you believe you or your spouse will require the need for a wheelchair – or have deteriorating eyesight or any other health complications, we have the solutions that will greatly assist you.  Let us help you build the beautiful Sunshine Coast home that you want now and subsequently ensure that you stay in your home in the years to come.

Contact our specialised team today to discuss the possibilities further on 07 5476 6468.