At Green Earth Homes
We Believe In Changing Lives

Our team is 100% dedicated to really making a difference and changing lives in all that we do not just through the beautiful homes that we build for our clients. As partners in the global Buy1Give1 initiative, at Green Earth Homes we give back in meaningful and impacting ways.

How do we do this?

Every time a new client commits to working with our team to design their home, our team purchases a gift in the international community such as providing the gift of sight, fresh drinking water to a community or sending a child to school.

Every time a new client signs a building contract, our team purchases the gift of bricks, to provide a home to a family for 684 days – so they can get themselves and their children on their feet. This is a life changing gift for a family who otherwise would be homeless.

These gifts are a ‘buy 1, give 1’ gift from the team at Green Earth Homes – you might know it as ‘paying it forward’. This is one of our contributions to changing lives.