There are several processes involved in the Custom Building Process. We have outlined them below with several additional resources that will be invaluable to the success of building your dream home.

Let us help you take the first steps in understanding just how we can help you.

Designing and building your custom family home is a dream for many. At Green Earth Homes, Nathan and Grace make this process simple, fun and easy. They take the unknown out of the design process and gaurantee you a home that you will love with all of your heart.

At Green Earth Homes we have developed a 5 Step Custom Design booklet which clearly explains the steps involved in designing your custom home.

This 5 step custom design process takes you from the first stage of Engagement with Nathan and Grace, right through to the building contract for your home.

Download this FREE booklet today to discover your custom design journey:

Image of 5 step custom design brochure

Once the custom design is completed and you are completely happy with the full inclusions for your home, you will enter into a building contract with Green Earth Homes for the construction of your home. This is a massive and exciting step for you and with the clarity of information from Nathan and Grace pinpointing the inclusions and specifications this is one that you will be 100% confident on when you are ready to move forward into the construction.

Clarity of your inclusions, specifications and your plans is the key to success in building your home.

To outline the construction process, again we have provided you with the 7 steps involved which guide you from your Site Cut through to Practical Completion and handing over of your home.

Custom designing and building your home is a really wonderful experience IF you get it right.

Do you want to know how to avoid the costly mistakes made by many prior to signing your building contract?

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Many think that once the custom home is designed that the ‘custom’ element of building finishes here?

With Green Earth Homes, the custom design is just one part of the process.

If you really want control in the construction of your home and to work with the builder who really does care about your home and you, then you really need to engage with Green Earth Homes to find out more about us. We would love to speak to you.

Not all homes are designed equally and most homes are built poorly.

Do you want to know the key success factors to ensure that your home is designed perfectly and to guaranteeing you have an exceptionally built home? If so, download this FREE booklet today Guaranteed Success in Designing and Building your Dream Home.

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