Why Build A Custom Made Home?
  • At Green Earth Homes we specalise in designing and building beautiful custom designed homes for our clients.
  • If you have ever lived in a poorly designed home, and there are alot out there, you would know that not every home is designed and built equal.
  • A poorly designed home means that it is not functional to live it, it is cold in winter, hot in summer, you have no airflow, it is dark and noisy, there is no storage for your things… the list goes on and on.
  • To live in a well designed custom home, your life will be enhanced. Your home will be a joy to live in and you will never want to go out.
  • The homes that we expertly design and build are unique and a one off just for you. Why have what everyone else has…
Avoid The Mistakes Too Often Made

3 reasons why you should proceed with your custom design with Green Earth Homes:

  1. Design Your Home Under the Guidance of an Experienced Builder
    Under our guidance, as the owners of Green Earth Homes and as highly experienced builders, we will design your home with some of the top Sunshine Coast designers. This will guarantee the best home design for you.
  2. Controlling the Budget
    Nathan, our builder, is directly involved and will control the building costs of your home throughout the design process. Dealing directly with the builder through this design stage will ensure that you can build your home and it will not go over your building budget.
  3. You Own Your Custom Design Not the Builder
    You are not locked into building with Green Earth Homes. Owning your own custom plan enables you to have the flexibility and freedom to decide who is the right builder for you once your home is designed.
  • The custom building process offers so many more benefits over building a standard plan with a project builder.
  • Building is one of the largest and most important decisions that you will make. Do you want to know how to get this right?
  • Do you want to know how to select the right builder?
  • Did you know that not every home is designed and built equal?
  • If the price you have been given by a builder is too good to be true, ask yourself, what am i not getting in my home?
  • These statements are the tip of the iceberg… do you want to know how to prevent making a very costly mistake?
Looking for a proven custom builder on the Sunshine Coast?