How Much Will My Home Cost?

With the custom design process you must be very careful to ensure that you engage a local Sunshine Coast builder who has had years of experience working in this microenvironment and on a diverse sites across the Sunshine Coast.

It is this experience that will enable you to successfully create a custom designed home within your budget.

How does Green Earth Homes give you the confidence that you will be able to build your home for your budget?

Our team is highly experienced when it comes to building on the Sunshine Coast. Nathan, the builder behind Green Earth Homes is a Sunshine Coast local who has lived here for most of his life. As a result, Green Earth Homes has built all over the Sunshine Coast – in many of the estates and in difficult, sloping and acreage sites.

In our initial meeting we will discuss your budget in great detail. We need to know clearly what your budget is as this is how we ensure your home is designed so you can have the confidence in being able to build it. Our team works to your budget at all times throughout the custom process to ensure that all elements in your home are controlled. During this initial meeting we will also discuss what you want to see in your home and how you want your home finished.

Through our many years of experience in custom designed homes, we will guide and control you with regards to the design for your home and the budget that you have advised. We will advise you at each step how it will affect your budget with the inclusions that you select.

The Green Earth Homes team has the knowledge of what you are trying to create and the ability to look at building your home from a different perspective. For this first initial meeting, we are happy to come to you, meet you on site, on your land to discuss just what we can create and how it will work for you.

After our initial design meeting we give you a thorough report on what was discussed, what the outcome will be for your home, how this will benefit you, we outline the preliminary budget and we will talk about your capital investment, your dream and how we can pull this all together to get you the custom designed home that you want.

From this meeting we will give you a very clear guideline on what the cost for your home will be and the m2 that you can enter into the custom design process with the confidence that you will be able to build the home that you want for the budget that you have provided.

This is an exciting time and an exciting process however you need to be in experienced hands.

If you wish to discuss building your custom designed home on the Sunshine Coast further with our team, please contact us on 07 5476 6468 or at [email protected]