Do you want to knock down and rebuild?

Love your address but not your home? Our team at Green Earth Homes have the answer.

As your family grows, your needs may change.  You may find that you have literally outgrown your home.

As is the case with many of our clients, they absolutely love where they live.  They’ve established relationships with their neighbours, their children are comfortable within their communities and all they need is more room!

Sometimes an addition or a renovation is the answer.  However, it can be cheaper and the better option to knock down and start over – with a design that will suit you and your larger family.

Knock down & Rebuild Sunshine Coast
Knock down builders Sunshine Coast

Even if you’re considering purchasing an existing home with a beautiful block yet a tired old home, a knock down and re-build is a great option.  At Green Earth Homes, we have the expertise to guide you through the process of knocking down and then re-building a beautiful and fresh new home filled with the modern conveniences and design features you love.

On the Sunshine Coast it is becoming increasingly difficult and sometimes frustrating to find a good sized block at a reasonable price in your desired location.  In the absence of good quality land, the knock down and re-build option is a very plausible solution.

Green Earth Homes offers many build solutions to any type of block.  We will custom design a home to suite any size, type or shape of block.  If you’re considering the purchase of a block that has an existing home, give our team a call.  One of our consultants will meet with you on site and offer ideas and discuss your needs to see if the purchase would fit within your budgetary requirements.  While working with Green Earth Homes, you’re working with a team of professionals that will carefully monitor the design while working closely with the builder to ensure we can deliver a home that is within budget – with all the necessary requirements.

Sometimes the best blocks of land don’t have the best houses.  If you have a vision for a new home, talk to Green Earth Homes and we’ll help make it a reality.

rebuilt after knock down
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