Building on sloping and acreage sites is our speciality at Green Earth Homes.  As a full custom design and construct builder, we love the possibilities that these sites offer and the beautiful homes that we create for our clients.

This home that we have just finished in Doonan is a stunning example of full custom design on a sloping site.  With a very clear brief from our amazing clients, Nathan and I work to their design to have a home that didn’t impact on their neighbouring property and one that took in the full view of the coastline that was available to them. This home is a really lovely testiment to their desire to create a home that is elegant, functional and one that has all the mod cons you could want in a home.

Large open spaces, high windows and strategic view points were all key factors for this design. The roof height was also a major consideration on the slope because they didn’t want to block the view that their neighbouring property had otherwise it would decrease its value. With a clear set of indicators, Nathan and I designed a home for them to their budget and with the full list of inclusions that they wanted in their home.

With a pool that seems to come out of the slope, a 90,000L concrete tank, a home of over 300m2 and a view to die for – this home is stunning.

We invite you to have a look inside.

If you are wanting to live your dream and build your own custom designed home, contact our us today for more information. Our number is 07 5476 6468 or you can contact Grace directly at [email protected].