Sloping Sites & Drone Footage

If you are considering building on the Sunshine Coast and you have a difficult site – sloping site, acreage, sandy, etc. you really need a builder who knows what they are doing. There are many reasons why this is so important – listed below are the top three reasons why you should only build with an experienced builder:

  1.  Accurate Quote so the contract doesn’t blow out:
    You need to receive an accurate quote for the difficult site so your building costs don’t escalate. If your quote is full of provision sums (PS) then your builder will sting you when they get to site and start the construction. Thorough due diligence by the builder must be done prior to going to contract to ensure that your home does not escalate in price after contract.
  2. Best Building Solution can save you thousands:
    If your builder has not worked on a difficult (sloping, acreage, sandy) site before then their knowledge will be limited and they will not be able to offer you the best construction method for your individual site. An experienced builder will be able to give you the best building solution for your site which can saving you thousands when you build. Nathan is able to discuss with you all the pro’s and con’s of retaining walls, slab on ground for a potion of your build, bearers and joists, block base construction, pole homes, etc. You need to get the right advice right from the beginning to ensure that your home is built correctly and efficiently.

3. Safe construction and site management:
Building on a difficult site is a lot more in-depth then building a home on a flat site. You want to know that the builder that you contract is 100% committed to your site to ensure that your home is engineered correctly and the sub-contractors on site build to the right specifications. You need to have confidence that the builder, the constructions manager and the site supervisor are on your site controlling the trades.

4. Time is money:
You want to ensure that your builder does not cost you money in wasted time on site. Difficult sites can sometimes be hindered by rock, caving in sand, deep piers. You need to ensure that your builder understands these sites often require different building methods and they need to fact this in at the time of contracting.

If you have a tricky site on the Sunshine Coast that you want to build on, give Nathan and myself a call – we would love to talk to you further about how we can assist you with your new home. Contact us on 07 5476 6468 or at [email protected]

Check out the latest footage from one of our difficult sites in Doonan and our clients kind words:

“Chris and I are very impressed with the efficiency and obvious team work to progress our new home so far in just 6 working days. Congratulations to Paul and the very good subbies you use. And to Emma for keeping us informed. Onsite communication with Paul has been excellent. So well done to the GEH team to date.

Very happy, Rob and Chris”.