Sustainable building a passion for Green Earth Homes.

Nathan Staal, the builder behind Green Earth Homes, is passionate about the Sunshine Coast – he is a born and bred local. As a builder he has recognised that the Sunshine Coast community demands that homes offer sustainability – sustainability of design, liveability, the Coast environment and sustainability of your budget.

Creating a home that delivers all of these aspects takes experience and craftsmanship. Nathan is dedicated to providing the Sunshine Coast community with a unique and harmonious building service. Getting the right advice at the beginning of the building process is imperative. The team at Green Earth Homes have made it their mantra to be the Sunshine Coast’s specialists in building sustainably through utilising sustainable building practices throughout your home.

From ensuring that your home is orientated correctly on your land, to incorporating passive solar design throughout your home, to minimising waste on site and sourcing timber from sustainable forests, Nathan and the team are dedicated to ensure that building operates sustainably on the Coast.

Lowest Cost

The basics will make a massive difference to your household bills

Medium Cost

The best enduring value for the financial investment

Highest Cost

Your maximum commitment to our environment by building sustainably
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