Building On All Sites


Congratulations!  You’ve decided to build a new home.  Now you need a block of dirt.  The process of finding the right block in the right location can be a daunting one.  That’s how I can help.

First you need to consider a few things.

Here’s a small checklist:

  • Acreage or low maintenance?
  • Close to shop and schools?
  • Beachside or bigger block for lower cost?
  • Sloping or flat?
  • Room for everything you need like a shed or a pool?
  • How big of a home?  (some covenants have a ‘cap’ on site coverage)
  • Is it an investment or will you be living there?

Quite often we start with an area we like.  Then we focus in on a few blocks until we fine tune to the one block we love.  Sometimes what you love isn’t a conventional rectangular flat block and this is where you might get some objections.

If your block is sloping then you are going to come up against a lot of resistance! Some sales consultants will critique your sloping block not because its genuinely a problem but because the builder they represent doesn’t build on sloping blocks as it’s often considered ‘too hard’. Sloping sites are great and have many advantages; vistas across the street, magnificent views, privacy from the street and can quite often attract the best breezes in a given area. Flat blocks also have similar qualities but all builders will build on flat blocks, us included.

We however love sloping blocks and they’re usually loaded with character, challenges, and create unique design opportunities.  If you don’t want a house like everyone else, give consideration to a sloping block.   Although they often have a smaller price tag, keep in mind that the money you save will be going into the build cost.

You may also have heard the term ‘slope stability test’ thrown around.  When you build on a sloping block greater than 15% slope, you’ll need this test done to confirm engineering requirements.  We can organise this for you.

When considering your location pay attention to the kinds of homes surrounding you.  Are they quality homes ? Large homes?  What are the styles? Modern? Traditional?  Ultra modern? or even Mediterranean?  The style of the surrounding homes can quite often set the scene for your new home. We are not saying you need to conform but just be aware that building a home that will give you the maximum joy in your chosen area will also deliver equity for your future investment.  A home DOES need to be considered an investment and we will help you choose the right location and then guide you through the build process. We will assist with ascertaining a manageable budget and ensuring you are spending the right amount in the right area so you can set yourself up for a good return on your investment and don’t end up overcapitalising.

When you buy a block in a new or existing estate, covenants play a significant part so talking these through can avert any costly oversight. Developers may insist on water tanks, completed landscaping, cut and fill or advise on certain orientations to name but a few. Covenants are there to protect you as the client and your investment.  It’s not just for the developer.  Green Earth Homes will discuss these facts with you and design a home that is suitable for the estate and meets covenant expectations.   Your home design is then reviewed by a committee acting on behalf of the developer.  They will either approve your design or ask for small changes to be made.  This is all part of the process of which we are very experienced.

Soil tests are a bit of a sticking point for me.  Do we do one or not?  I believe that in the majority of cases the difference between a good and bad soil is not such a great expense that you would turn away from your chosen location.  On the Sunshine Coast, most of the blocks have what is called ‘reactive soil’ which only means having to dig deeper footings and this cost is allocated in with all our quotes.  We can organise your soil test and any other required tests so you can enjoy a stress free, fixed price contract.

If you’ve found a block you love, give us a call to have a no obligation consultation on site.  We can then ascertain whether your home can be built within your pre-determined budget.  We can offer suggestions, ideas and if your first block is not attainable, perhaps find you on to a better, more suitable block.

For more information and assistance please contact us today on 07 5476 6468